An Acoustic Trip to the Sunset Strip

Think back to the days of loud guitars, Aqua Net, spandex, big hair and rock and roll. The 80’s saw a decade of bands storm the airwaves, from radio to MTV. Stadiums and arenas around the world saw some of the biggest, loudest productions, and there was no doubt that this music ruled the day. 

The four musicians in STRIP’D have a goal. We want to bring this music back to stages all over the midwest. The sounds of hot summer nights, car windows down, fist pumping anthem rock. We’ve built a stage show that fits anywhere and shows off the talents these five veteran musicians bring. 

Bringing these epic songs back in an acoustic setting shows they were more than just loud music. Rock and roll, however, needs to be powerful. That’s why we will still feature electric guitar and thunderous drums. Whatever the song calls for, that’s what we do. 

STRIP’D is going to be that show you hear over and over again “OMG, I love this song” and “I wonder what they’ll do next!”

Going to see Hairball at the Pabst in downtown Milwaukee this night? Take the shuttle and come on back for the after party!

Going to see Hairball at the Pabst in downtown Milwaukee this night? Take the shuttle and come on back for the after party!

Wild In Waukesha!! 

We’re off to a whirlwind start this year! This past Saturday night in Waukesha hit all the right notes. The return of the polar vortex didn’t stop a fairly sizable crowd from braving the elements for an evening of frivolity. The music surely warmed up the room in spirit and in energy. We shared a double bill with Paul and the Destroyers, as they shelled out a slew of Kiss classics. They absolutely sounded phenomenal. We thank them for joining up with us and we look forward to teaming up again down the road. They were a tough act to follow. We followed with a very strong two sets of rockers that carried through until right near bar time. Some special guests joined us onstage, including Cherry Pie’s own stick-master himself, Frankie Trash. He came up to jam with us for Autograph’s “Turn Up The Radio”. As per usual, we concluded the party with a cast of very attractive patrons dancing their butts off to some Motley Crue. Many new faces were in attendance and we hope we made some new fans. The sound was fantastic and we tip our caps to the crew at ALM Event Fusion Services for making that possible. Special recognition goes to Tim Dunn and the entire staff over at the Cue Club. It was great to be back and we can’t wait for our next gig there. Another welcome return occurs in less than two weeks, as we head back to Lucky Chance in West Allis on Saturday, February 3rd. We’ll rock and roll you then!

Merry Christmas! 

What a way to wrap up our 2017 season! Friday night’s Christmas extravaganza at Lucky Chance in West Allis was off the chain! An excitable crowd gradually built in numbers and energy throughout the evening. The action was entertaining to witness, both on and off the stage. Several patrons showed up dressed in their holiday best. We offered up some special treats including a trio of “hairy” Christmas tunes and an appearance from a naughty Santa Claus! We think the pictures below speak for themselves. We like to thank the entire crew at Lucky Chance for making this a party to remember. We also send our gratitude to Mitch from 102.9 The Hog for hanging out and giving us a nice introduction. From all of us at the Strip’d team, we wish each of you a splendid Christmas and New Year. Thanks for all your continued support. We return to rock your collective souls in 2018! Next show: Saturday, January 13th at the Cue Club in Waukesha. Be there. 

Cheers! 🤘 

-Oscar, Gary, Brian, Dave, Jon, Taylor, and Lisa


Fall Update! Partying @ Paulie's & Bay View High Reunion Bash! 

The electric energy from last Saturday night’s show continues to radiate from our collective musical souls. It felt wonderful to back playing a full show for the first time in a while. And what a welcome we received from the crowd at Paulie’s. This night had a special taste to it. We provided the soundtrack to Bay View High School’s 30-year reunion bash. A healthy dose of dancing and smiles dominated the evening with a healthy turnout. We believed we made many new Strip’d fans based on the response we received. In addition, it was exciting to debut several new killer tunes and debut our Dave Sundeen’s newly bitchin’, decked-out drum kit. As always, Paulie’s treats us like royalty and we always appreciate that. Stay tuned for more action coming your way soon!

Summer Wrap-Up 2017 

What a ride! We closed out our Summer with a pair of gigs at Potawatomi Hotel and Casino as well as Mo's Irish Pub. As the Labor Day weekend comes to a conclusion, we now move our way into Fall. As we do so, we reflect on the Summer that was. We have experienced a lot of changes over the year and we now feel that things are gelling better than ever. We have made some exciting memories and brought new fans into the fold. We can't wait to see what happens next. We are learning new songs every week and plan to continue on keeping the set list fresh. We take pride in what we have accomplished so far and what possibilities lie ahead. Our continued thanks goes out to everyone who has supported us on this journey. We hope you will stay on for the ride ahead. See you in the Fall! 

State Fair Tour and Greendale Village Days! 

Whew! What an eventful past two weeks for us! We concluded a triple dose of the Wisconsin State Fair in which we took over the Charcoal Grill stage. Over the course of these shows, we made more unforgettable memories and made many new friends. The weather gods and the rock gods coalesced to provide us with ideal playing conditions As always, we saw our friends come from far and wide to support us. We realize how much there is to see and do at the Fair, so we appreciate those who choose to make us part of their experience. We were very impressed by the turnout at the shows and it seemed to rejuvenate our performance. The band seems to be clicking better than ever and we are excited by what is to come. State Fair has really been one of the notable highlights of this year so far. In addition, we also made our very first trip to Greendale for their Village Days festival. While our timeslot there worked against us drawing a huge crowd, we still enjoyed our visit and are hopeful to be back in a bigger way next year. We sincerely thank everyone involved with both events for their role in letting us be part of it all. We now take a couple weeks off to recharge and work on some new tunes. The summer season is beginning to wind down and we are preparing to make the transition back indoors.  Next up for us is at Potawatomi Bingo and Casino on Thursday, August 24th. You may not do so well on the slots, but you will always win with Strip'd!


EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About It!  

Strip'd would like to introduce Dave Sundeen, our new timekeeper! Dave comes to us with tons of experience, including his current project, Headknocker, a tribute to Foreigner. Two shows in and he already has a new Strip'd-o-fied kit! Please help us welcome Dave to the fold.


Rocking Out For The Lord!  

Last night was a party at St. Rita's! Despite less than stellar weather conditions, a plethora of wonderful folks (all ages, literally!) turned out to brighten the evening. We all made the best of the situation. Thank goodness for tents! Our friends in Almighty Vinyl played opposite from us and we took turns going over to support each other. Everyone needs a little frivolity now and again...and that was brought in spades for this show. Our sincere gratitude to St. Rita's Parish for having us and to ALM Fusion Event Services for making us look and sound fantastic. We're off for a couple weeks until we begin a trio of shows at the Wisconsin State Fair, starting August 4th! See you next time! 

Our "Fishing" Expedition to Port Washington!  

Our first trip up to Port Washington was a resounding success! We were blessed with clear, blue skies and lots of smiling patrons on this day. The ride into town was mesmerizing, especially the downtown sector with its beautifully structured brick buildings and marina. The area was swarming with people taking in a sunny Saturday at Fish Days. We must conclude that the fish was as delicious as advertised! We enjoyed our setup at the band shell stage and the all ages crowd took in our show with wonderment. Some of our friends made the long trek up just to see us. We always are grateful and appreciative for that. We also welcomed in our dear friend, Dave Sundeen, on drums. He did a fantastic job. Our night was capped off with several enthusiastic dancers joining us onstage. As we tore down our gear, we were treated with eye opening fireworks. It was a double shot of spectacle, both man made and from Mother Nature. We send a sincere thank you to Jim Benson and all the representatives of the Fish Days crew. We hope to be a part of next year's festivities. We return to West Allis this Friday night, the 21st, at St. Rita's. Show kicks off at 7:00pm. See you next time!

4th of July Weekend Recap 

Normally, Monday's aren't a day we look forward to. However, this one was an exception! It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon that was tailor made for some serious rocking. We made the most of that opportunity. This was the first show featuring our newly married bassist Oscar Ramos, who wed the lovely Lisa Ramos just two days prior. So that made things even more special. We were also happy seeing several young ones running around the dance floor and even joining us up onstage. We thank the organizers of the New Berlin 4th of July Festival for having us and we hope to be invited back next year. We make the trek up north to Port Washington for Fish Days next Saturday, the 15th. See you then!

Summer Kickoff at Quaker Steak and Lube Bike Night 

What a way to kickstart our summer. We had a fabulous time at Quaker Steak and Lube this past Wednesday for Bike Night. Weather was perfect, tunes were rolling, yummy food was being consumed, and a big crowd turned out. We saw many of our friends and made some new fans as well. We had a few special guest singers join us onstage including Tim Denman, Roger Fuerstenau, and Taylor Thompson. We appreciate the continued support of everyone and the hospitality from the crew at Quaker Steak. We are back in action on Monday, July 3rd at Malone Park in New Berlin for their 4th of July Celebration. We start at 2pm. See you then!

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